System Healthcheck: 

PC Assist's HealthCheck  helps you make the most of your PC, no matter where you bought it. With our unique 20 point PC HealthCheck service, our expert technicians ensure your PC is fit, fast and effective.

PC Assist's HealthCheck includes:
  • One-to-one assessment of your computing needs
  • Free installation of any upgrades purchased from us
  • Advice on file management to release tied-up memory
  • Suggestions on how to speed up your PC
  • Virus check and removal. Almost 1 in 5 PCs we check have a virus
  • AVG “FREE” installation
  • Spy software check and removal using MalwareBytes
  • A full report on the PC showing all individual parts and manufacturer
  • Upto 2 hours labour including possible initial repair + parts costs if required
  • Full valet of your machine inside and out
Not included:
Initial repairs - if the PC refuses to boot up or exhibits fatal errors, a HealthCheck can still be completed.
Please note: A HealthCheck requires your PC to have Windows XP/VISTA or 7 operating system installed
Booking your PC HealthCheck

PCs are becoming faster and software is becoming more and more demanding.
PC Assist's HealthCheckhelps ensure that your PC is set up to make the most of all the latest developments. This is also an ideal opportunity to discuss with our expert technicians any upgrades you might want.
Total Cost £50.00 fully inclusive of VAT
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